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the united states and israel, but that's where they have it. the new findings come right after talks with iran ended without a lot of progress. this is a story we'll continue to watch for you. jon: well, the united states is reacting to the conviction of a pakistani doctor who helped the cia track down osama bin laden. a live report from islamabad coming up. jenna: we're also tracking a tropical disturbance off the coast of florida. meteorologist janice dean with the latest just ahead. jon: and before you fire up that grill this memorial day weekend, some important advice for you and your family. that's coming up. let's ring you u mary? what are you doing here? it's megan. i'm getting new insurance. marjorie, you've h a policy with us for three years. it's been five years. five years. ll, progressive gives mega discounts that you guys didn't. paperless, safe driver, and i get great service. meredith, what's shakin', bacon? they'll figure it out. getting you the discounts you deserve. now, that's progressive. call or click today. jon: the united states cutting aid to pakistan after a
commissioner's office. they said 3/4 the southeast parring of the united states are in extreme drought conditions. they need well over a foot of rain which they're getting with this tropical depression. that being said all they very much-needed flash floods are a huge danger especially here in south carolina. we talked a little bit about although this rain is needed it can be very, very dangerous. road conditions and also it is a dry area here. >> yeah. we have been very dry and we're supposed to see about one to two inches of rain today. then we're also supposed to see about two to three inches through the night. so it is been very dry here and the grounds are very hard-packed and the rain will probably cause some flooding for us. >> reporter: nowhere to go. obviously all the rain comes down on roadways and fallen trees. another thing we talked about how unusual storms are of this magnitude to come well before hurricane season. i realize it is june 1st. we've already seen two named storms unusual for this part of the country, something you have to prepare for. >> it is unusual for it
... ...with the best math scores. ...the united states would be on that list. in 25th place. let's raise academic standards across the nation. let's get back to the head of the class. let's solve this. jon just spwour fox news room, congress peter king, chair of the homeland security commit key, is asking the fbi for a full investigation into leaks surround ago failed al-qaeda terror plot targeting u.s. u.s.-bound jetliner --s, king saying the information regarding this intelligence matter was handled in the most restricted manner possible by the intelligence community and the white house, which means the leak would have had to have emanate tpr-d a small universe that makes this leak all the more distressing, and is why i so strongly believe that an investigation of a security breach of this magnitude must encompass everyone who had access to this vital information. you might remember, al-qaeda in yemen had planned to blow up an american-bound airliner with a new type of underwear bomb likely designed by this man, master bomb maker ibrahim al asiri. the plot was foiled by a double agent
for the united states and its training for the troops there left behind, the afghanistan fighters, and that's particularly key, because we're getting word of this taliban spring offensive, and "the new york times" editorial asks a good question, how are our trainings going for those troops and how they'll make a difference in our ability to fight off the taliban and leave fighters behind who can. your thoughts on that. >> we've made good progress in the training. that was the thing i was -- i wish the president would talk more to people, to tell them the progress we've made. i know when i was there last year, general caldwell had taken over the training and the 70,000 recruits that they had done that year for the army, they had trained most of them up to about the third grade level. this is a country of illiterate people. when a sergeant is talking to train them about how to shoot their weapon, he says put four cartridges in your weapon, they don't know what four is, so we're starting with basic fundamentals here. so i think we've made a lot of progress. more has to be done, and that's why
the economy, people are wondering why is president of the united states are you bringing this up and shoving this at us at this time when we have 8.1% unemployment? jon: it did seem a little strange and the economy according to these polls is still the number one issue of people were asked about mitt romney versus president obama, when it comes to their handling of the economy. i think we have those poll numbers for you. they were asked, you know, head-to-head, mitt romney versus president obama and here are the numbers. is the economy getting better? 36%. getting worse, 24%. 39%, staying the same. not good numbers again if you're trying to win re-election. >> those are kind of numbers you expect with basically stagnant situation we have right now. the economy is overwhelmingly going to be the main issue in this election. if unemployment were 5% i believe barack obama could perform gay marriages and probably still be reelected. so this is why we're inevitably going to have a debate about jobs and why you had obama hitting mitt romney on his credentials as job creator starting this week with
scenes here in the united states including the 2010 murder of u.s. border patrol agent brian terry in pima county, arizona. >>> it is a busy day on capitol hill with lawmakers set to vote on the bill to renew the violence against women's act. president obama threatens to veto that measure if it reaches his desk. chief congressional or hill with more on that. mike, why is it some democrats don't like this house bill? >> reporter: jon, the white house says the house bill does not go far enough to protect battered illegal immigrants, native americans or gays. here is a senator press expressing her thoughts. >> the senate bill strengthens violence against women law to provide violence against women act to provide more protections to more women and their families. the house bill weakens the law. >> reporter: democrats want to expand the expiring current law to protect gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender americans, jon. jon: so from the republican side, what are they saying about it? >> reporter: i should note there are some republicans who do feel that the house bill does not go f
of a successful military is a sanctuary and all of the efforts in the united states to put the afghans on their feet could be jeopardized by the pakistan military's continual support of insurgents in their own country. jaime jail and they would probably consider dr. afridi an insurgent. in fact they charged him much more information today o treason. what does that say, treason, defined there as aiding the enemy, or levying war on pakistan? really, general? >> no. i mean -- jamie: are they going to get away with that? >> unfortunately they are going to get away with it. they may find some way to shorten his sentence but i don't think so. the irony that i don't understand is the pakistani government is exhibiting this bipolar behavior where support of the haqqani network, taliban and god fer bide al-qaeda is actually harming their own military, it's cynical and makes no strategic sense for nato, united states or for that matter, pakistan. jamie: they've not nukes, general. they've got nuke. sue: and that's the point. a rogue state a. bipolar state with a nuclear arsenal that has very lit
peninsula's number one threat to the united states directly. jon: wur chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live with more. >> reporter: thank you jon and good morning. fox news is told that at least three other countries are involved in this ongoing operation, a law enforcement source told fox that there is reason to believe more bombs may be out there, and this morning, the chairman of the house homeland security committee confirmed that the killing of this operative who met with the first under quarter bomberrer in 2009 before leaving for yemen is tied with though organization, al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula. >> the killing of the aq leader over the weekend, that was tied to this operation. so this is more than just one person, one bomb. this is a larger scale operation, and that's why the security on this has been so tight. >> reporter: this morning, fbi investigators are working on the device similar to the underwear bomb shown here. they're looking for hairs or dna that will tie it to the bomb maker. the device is described to fox as an improvement over this o
revelation brings to light a important political question that the united states and its allies will have to look at going forward because you run the risk of syria becoming another iraq but this time without any u.s. military presence it has the ability to export its terror and its other kinds of militant expertise. in that case, john, it may be a situation where it is easier or better to keep president assad in power to keep syria from becoming another yemen. jon, back to you. jon: it's a mess. leland vittert, thank you. jenna: certainly a big controversy in washington whether the east coast should have its own missile defense sites to protect against a potential strike by iran or north korea or anyone else. how vulnerable are we really? jon: also a terrifying ordeal for two girls is over now. police rescue them from a fugitive accused of killing their mother and older sister. we'll tell how how this long manhunt ended. >> a newspaper reporter fired from her job because she worked as an exotic dancer on the side. she is suing for gender discrimination. our legal panel weighs in. settt o
to be few actual plotters in the united states. the biggest concern is individuals coming from yemen and potentially from somalia into the united states and recruiting in cities like phoenix and minneapolis. jamie: for u.s. passport-carrying american citizens to go for training to come back, similar to what we're seeing in this trial, this bombing trial in new york city right now? >> yeah, that's exactly what we're concerned. or, the additional component is individuals who have visa waiver access to the united states because they're say british citizens, radicalized and can come in here without a visa. jamie: is al qaeda looking to the taliban to recruit within the taliban and bolster their efforts of terror by getting folks that are already hate america? >> well, i think what we've seen over the last several years, including with some of the bin laden documents is a relationship between al qaeda, the taliban and other afghan insurgent groups. which makes me a little concerned if we pull out too fast from afghanistan which the ad men station is trying to do we -- administration is tr
south of the united states with iran to be well, annoying. why bolivia of all places? were would bolivia be a place where iran would go to try to strike up this relationship? >> first off, by the way much more than a axis of annoyance because venezuela itself and also the region at large is important for iran in terms of trying to skirt sanctions, in terms of trying to get strategic resources for their nuclear program because latin america is uranium-rich. it is more troubling it is a place where signs are iran is setting up military presence with his army the revolutionary guards. the relationship between iran and latin america is not just opportunistic and supplemental to what iran is doing. it is actually increasing looking like iran thinks of the western hemisphere as operational theater including against us. jenna: fascinating. we hope to have you back. we have a lot more to talk about when to comes to this. as we concentrate on one area we want to keep our eye on what is happening in south and central america. thanks very much. we look forward to having you back. >> thank you. jon:
an afghanistan base again. any country that welcomes us is going to get hammered by the united states. >> of course they didn't know what was in the so-called strategic agreement. you think about it, you've got john brennan, the white house counterterrorism adviser telling us what a great thing these strikes are that are being launched by unmanned aerial vehicles, predators and raoerps at the same time that obama is signing a document in kabul with karzai that says we are not going to do that any more. think about this. here is osama bin laden worrying about those strikes, we know that. he gets taken out by a u.s. navy seal team and special operators. and we don't exploit the information, and now a year later we've banned the kind of operations that were launched to get him and the guys that are being run georgia off the uav's. jon: that is the headline we wanted to talk to you about, paragraph 6b of that eight-page deal that president obama just signed with the afghan government says, the united states further pledges not to use afghan territory or facilities as a launching point for
, is the united states going to get left behind, are we going to lose out in terms of jobs in that emerging field, so you have brazil, china, india, all these other places, in fact, now, even situations here in the united states, where we are as a government suing some of the other countries for unfair trade practices for putting so much money into those alternative energy startups. you know, with the case of a google or facebook, you're right, that's american ingenuity on display but we're in a competitive environment when it comes to alternative energy. again, i think mary catherine hit it on the head. the obama field didn't explain thiso explain this but it's true. jon: mare credit cath -- mary catherine, is it workable for the obama administration to say yes, we tried to save solyndra but mitt romney did a bad thing by closing companies or making some successful? i don't know. does the taxpayer -- >> no, it's very tricky. i think they're going to keep going back to this well but the kickoff of this campaign was badly done and the message is pretty muddled. he's pouring billions of dollars int
if iran does boost its nuclear output? just how should the united states respond, and will the world have enough time to even react? our panel will be here to weigh in straight ahead. jenna: a lot of interesting questions there. we have new indicators showing the president's chances for re-election this november. larry sabato is here. he'll join us with a look inside his crystal ball. gregg: presumptive nominee governor mitt romney defending himself following recent attacks on his role at a private equity firm. can he turn those attacks around into selling points? jenna: they are calling it a medical first, new findings showing how it may be possible to reverse heart damage by using your skin. very interesting. a cardiologist is going to join us a little later this hour to explain all of that. gregg: assuming you have good skin. jenna: let's hope so. gregg: janice dean is standing by. we have the forecast for the 2012 atlantic hurricane season. how many storms will we see and just how bad will they be? she is going to tell us, coming up next. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing new dentyne
president of the united states. and i know each of you is ready for that job. jon: i'd be happy to take it. james rosen thank you. let's take you to the man who holds the position of president, barack obama, getting ready to address the cadets at the air force academy. let me be silent for a moment during the national anthem. ♪ [playing of the national anthem ] jon: i apologize for that. we don't like to talk over the national anthem but sometimes you get a toss to these events and the band strikes up, at any rate the president is about to address the 2012 graduates of the air force academy. the president, the vice president, the chairman of the joint chiefs generally take turns alternating among the service academies, west point, the naval academy and the coast guard academy. jenna: the man who may have played a key role in finding osama bin laden now headed to prison in pakistan for what could be the rest of his life. 33 years behind bars for a doctor believed to have helped the cia track down osama bin laden by rugging that bogus vaccination campaign. dominique d-natali streaming live
about how this might affect our markets, our economy in the united states later on in the show, greg. thank you very much. jon: a murder morgan stanleyry to tell but after a worker is found dead just hours after that horse race. the evidence police have uncovered so far. we're live with more on that. jenna: what a strange case that is. >>> also brand new information on the world's most wanted terrorist. al-qaeda leader ayman zawahiri. where secretary clinton says he's hiding out today. jon: plus she's be been accused of stalking nba players. you won't believe how close she actually got to them. jenna: wanted to take a shot, jon. jon: could have been a three-pointer, from that range! details on this crazy video, next. [ woman ] oh, my gosh -- it's so good! [ kristal ] we're just taking a sample of all our different items in our festival of shrimp so we can describe them to our customers. [ male announcer ] red lobster's festival of shrimp starts now! for just $12.99, pair any two of 9 exciting shmp creations like new barbeque glazed shrimp or crab stuffed shrimp. the crab-stuffed shr
. unlike other foreign sources of oil coming to the united states. this doesn't arrive via supertanker from volatile countries notice world all they have to do is put in a pipe and send it south. we have oil canada. >> this represents energy security when we talk about north america. we're a friendly neighbor to the u.s. what a terrific source of energy to be able to provide to our american neighbors. >> reporter: now for the environmental piece of it. these huge open pit mind where they get the oil sand from are certainly a scar on the landscape once was pristine wilderness. canada will develop the oil sand whether keystone is built or not. 80% of the oil here can't be mined. so companies are now drilling horizontal wells and injecting high pressure, extremely high heat steam to release that oil and collecting it like you would normal oil. much less tam damaging rather to the environment and will dramatically increase the amount of production here in canada. now the industry here says between expansion of the oil sand and construction of the keystone pipeline that will create thousands of
that are in it. the second thing is how flawed his strategy, jon, is. he wants to reattack the united states. the attack on 9/11, while tactically brilliant and you have to give him credit for that, was a strategic failure because it has brought about the defeat of his organization which we are now on the cusp of. that is surely not what he wanted. what he wanted is because he believed he could defeat the american people by such a devastating attack we would pull out of the region and therefore he would be able to exploit jihadism in the region and defeat the authoritarian regimes in the region. actually iran's strategy has been much more successful. attacking the united states in the region using proxies in lebanon, in kuwait, in saudi arabia, in iraq and we have pulled away from a lot of those relationships that we have had. so it shows that his thinking about america and his understanding of the american people and our character and our nature is very superficial. he doesn't truly know us. the thought he could reattack again and do something to us to drive us out of the region is flawed.
. interesting story there. >>> some new information about babies born in the united states. look at that little guy. what more than half of them have in common. we're going to tell you coming up wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. fohalf the calories plus vgie nutrition. could've had a v8. jenna: some brand new stories coming up next hour. the search for a killer in the deep south is one of them. police are warning drivers to be on alert after two people were murdered on mississippi highways by someone reportedly posing as a cop. we'll have an update on that. >>> plus new doubts raised about the so-called good cholesterol and what that could mean for your heart health. that is call coming up. jon: and "happening now", chicago preparing for mass protests. police there are training in how to handle crowds and protesters are getting ready it take on police. it is all in preparation for the nato summit scheduled to start on sunday. with tens of thousands threatening to cause chaos in "the windy city." steve brown live in chicago. i guess one of the challenges for police has got to be
to be a double agent working for the united states and saudi intelligence. and that the device turned over to the fbi was an update of the bomb used in the failed christmas day many bombing attempt back in 2009. you're seeing some of that footage on your screen now. the associated press first broke the story today, thanks to inside sources saying this. quote, the extraordinary intelligence operation was confirmed by u.s. and yemeni officials who were briefed on the plot but spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss it. they were not authorized to discuss it, but they did anyways. joining me the chairman of the house intelligence committee, congressman mike rogers of michigan. congressman, nice to have you back with us. >> thanks, jenna. nice to be back. jenna: will this type of leak cost american lives? >> we'll, i tell you this whole process is very concerning to me for a whole host of reasons but one on the leak itself it was actually leaked apparently maybe as many as two weeks ago and there was some negotiations to hold the story. jenna: you mean t
cut court and united nations and the president of the united states. we defended u.s. sovereignty. and won. that is the record i'm running on. jenna: mr. cruz, you talked about career politicians if you get elected the term of six years, are you telling voters you will only do one term? that you're not going to be in office for a few decades as we do see some politicians? >> i have no interest in being in office for decades. i strongly support term limits. and in fact i have committed to cosponsor a constitutional amendment to limit every member of the u.s. senate to two erms. every member of the house to three terms. that fight being led right now by jim demint and indeed by the five strongest conserve i was in the senate today, jim demint, mike lee, rand paul, pat toomey and tom coburn. i'm only candidate in the country who all five are supporting. they need reinforcements and strong conservatives in the senate. jenna: very interesting i will start there with your opponent. mr. cruz, we look forward having you back. thank you very much. >> thank you. great to be with you. jenna:
what will happen with the united states postal service and we're just hearing from the postmaster agenda 600 urban and suburban post offices considered to be closed down will stay open at least for now. this follows announcement last week also from the postmaster general or the spokesman from the u.s. postal service that they were going to keep open rural post offices but just with shorter hours. there is lot of discussion about what d.c. should do if anything to help the post office. and the national postal service. we're still waiting to hear any recent lugz -- resolution on that. for now the 600 urban and suburban host offices and satellite stations that were proposed to close down are going to stay open. we'll keep you updated more on this. jon: brand new stories coming up next hour. spy drones used in the war zone, now they could be coming to the skies over your neighborhood. is that a little unsettling? we're live with the story. >>> also baseball great roger clemens getting some bad news at his perjury trial. what the judge just ruled. how it could affect the case against h
,000 miles short of the east coast of the united states. >> of course this is a election year politics. of course it is. beating the national security drum is something republicans do often, usually six months before a national and regional election. >> reporter: last night the house armed services committee passed the measure, the $100 million for this environmental study by a vote of 65-50. it will now being included as part of the defense authorization bill. jon. jon: jennifer griffin. thank you. jenna: the key to fighting obesity in america, lies in our nation's schools. that's according to new report by institute of medicine the independent organization advises the government and it found that changes need to take place everywhere that americans live, work, learn and play. it goes on to say schools should be a national focus because that's where children spend most of their day. among the recommendations include these. schools should insure kids get an hour of physical activity each day. they should serve healthier food and teach nutrition. communities should consider a tax on sug
Search Results 0 to 41 of about 42 (some duplicates have been removed)